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The Right Time and Place for Affiliating

Some affiliations should move faster, some should slow down, and some will likely not move at all.

Many potential affiliations have merit — between health systems, between physician groups, between health systems and physician groups, between health systems and insurers, and other combinations. But what often separates them is timing and location.

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Seven Questions about Clinically Integrated Networks

Today’s clinically integrated networks vary greatly. Managing these networks may be more art than science at this stage. Many may find it a steep learning curve.

Many health care organizations are early in their journey to form and use a clinically integrated network (CIN). For others, it is a “useful and flexible tool”. For still others, “it is our future”. Below, we “check in” on the progress of seven aspects of a CIN:
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When Leaders See Eye-to-Eye

Healthcare organizations are rapidly developing new alliances. A key factor is the relationships between leaders.

We don’t know of a healthcare organization that is not contemplating at least one new relationship with another organization. Described below are several forms of strategic linkages that are under development:
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