Insights and Commentaries

The Right Time and Place for Affiliating

Some affiliations should move faster, some should slow down, and some will likely not move at all.

Many potential affiliations have merit — between health systems, between physician groups, between health systems and physician groups, between health systems and insurers, and other combinations. But what often separates them is timing and location.

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Seven Questions about Clinically Integrated Networks

Today’s clinically integrated networks vary greatly. Managing these networks may be more art than science at this stage. Many may find it a steep learning curve.

Many health care organizations are early in their journey to form and use a clinically integrated network (CIN). For others, it is a “useful and flexible tool”. For still others, “it is our future”. Below, we “check in” on the progress of seven aspects of a CIN:
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When Leaders See Eye-to-Eye

Healthcare organizations are rapidly developing new alliances. A key factor is the relationships between leaders.

We don’t know of a healthcare organization that is not contemplating at least one new relationship with another organization. Described below are several forms of strategic linkages that are under development:
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Assessing the Health Plan Ownership

Healthcare providers have unprecedented opportunities today to own and operate health plans, but they need to understand the full ramifications of such a strategy.

Lately, it seems that not a week goes by without an announcement that a provider organization intends to either acquire or start its own health plan. About one in five hospital networks currently operate health plans, and according to a recent survey of 100 hospital leaders, another 20 percent are exploring doing so.

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