Keith Moore

Chairman and CEO

Keith loves management consulting – so much so that he has done it for over 25 years. He maintains an active consulting practice while also serving as McManis’ chairman and CEO. His clients are wide-ranging – including health systems, technology providers and financial institutions.

Keith is most commonly involved in assignments that develop or refine strategy, plan new business ventures, or link overall strategy and technology planning. He also frequently assists management teams in functioning more effectively together.

“We’ve never had a better opportunity to improve. We have new technology to leverage, a better understanding of what it takes to build better cultures and relationships within our organizations, a better understanding of what we have to do to deliver more value more directly, a better understanding of what our customers need, a better understanding of what we need from public policy as a backdrop. Let’s get on with it.”

The co-author of six books and numerous articles, Keith is also a frequent speaker at industry forums and events. He came to us via the University of Texas, the United States Marine Corps, Harvard University, the Denver Research Institute, BBC Research & Consulting and Moore Fischer Coddington.

Email Keith or call 720.529.2110