CHA Collaborations

Collaborating the Children’s Hospital Association

Children’s hospitals relationships are changing in several directions at once — with states and Medicaid, with commercial payers, within their own organizations (as they begin to move to value-based payment and raise the bar on quality, patient experience and efficiency), with health systems and other partners and parent organizations, and with each other.

Examples of collaborative children’s hospital research topics with CHA (formerly NACHRI)

  • Children’s Hospitals and Physician Relationships
  • Children’s Hospitals and their Adult System Parent or Partner Organizations
  • The Role of the Surgeon and Chief
  • The Organization and Function of Children’s Hospitals within Hospitals

Examples of Children’s Hospitals Consulting Assignments

  • Strategic Planning
  • New Hospital Feasibility
  • Physician Networks
  • Market Development and Strategy
  • Merger/Affiliation Facilitation