From Market-driven Healthcare; to Integrated Healthcare, to The Crisis in Healthcare: Costs, Choices and Strategies; to Making Integrated Healthcare Work; to Capitalizing Medical Groups, to The Road to Value — McManis Consulting has assisted in developing a feasible path to deliver better healthcare.

Research findings are woven into almost every McManis assignment. Examples include:

• Improving Value in Healthcare
In collaboration with the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA), McManis Consulting conducted interviews, surveys and site visits that explored numerous issues related to value improvement in healthcare. McManis and HFMA co-produced two reports in 2012. The first, Defining and Delivering Value, explores how payers and purchasers define value — and what they see as key to improvement. The second, The Value Journey: Organizational Road Maps for Value-Driven Healthcare, describes in detail how different types of providers — integrated systems, academic medical centers, multihospital systems, rural hospitals and freestanding facilities — are preparing for the transition from fee-for-service to value-based payment.

• The Transition to ACO-like Organizations
Working under the sponsorship of the American Hospital Association, McManis conducted case-study research on organizations in transition to becoming sustainable ACO-like entities. Two white papers summarize the results of this research. Volume to Value: Managing the Transition to ACO-like Organizations reports on the strategic issues associated with the transition, including the apparent success factors. The Work Ahead: Activities and Costs Associated with ACO-like Organizations identifies 23 specific activities and estimates their costs for two prototype systems. Both white papers were published in April of 2011.

• Multiple Paths to Integration
This research documents the several paths being taken by different health systems and hospitals to achieve physician–hospital integration.  Several approaches are being taken depending on the background, specific circumstances and opportunities of the organization.

• Case Studies of Financially Successful Health Systems
This work, which included case studies of Sentara Health, Trinity Health, Providence Health and Services, Ohio Health, INTEGRIS, Banner Health, and a highly profitable division of HCA, found a widespread pattern of common practices.

• Practices and Implications of Physician-owned Specialty Hospitals
Case studies were prepared of 10 physician-owned specialty hospitals and their communities.

• Evolving Governance in Health Systems
Common trends and changes in large system governance were documented.

• The Evolution of Decision-making and Leadership Development in Physician-led Integrated Health Systems
Participating organizations included the Mayo Clinic, Scott & White, Dartmouth Hitchcock, Kaiser Permanente, and the Marshfield, Dean and Carle and Billings Clinics.